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A Pioneer in Music Education
We are proud to be the first music school to introduce Orff and Kodály classes to North Shore 29 years ago. Our dedication to providing a creative and comprehensive music education has made Ava Music a trusted name in the community. We continue to uphold our commitment to nurturing young musicians and creating an enduring love for music in the hearts of our students.

At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., our Orff and Kodály classes, known as "Cherry Blossom I to III," offer a creative and joyful approach to music education for children. These classes are designed to nurture a child's natural love for music and provide a solid foundation for their musical journey. Ava Music -

Cherry Blossom Levels
Our Cherry Blossom classes are divided into three levels, each tailored to specific age groups:

  • Cherry Blossom I (Ages 1 to 3): In Cherry Blossom I, we welcome our youngest music enthusiasts, aged 1 to 3. Here, children are introduced to the world of music through engaging and age-appropriate activities that foster their love for rhythm and melody. The younger children's class is our "Mommy or Daddy and Me" class, where children join the class alongside one parent, grandparent, or guardian, creating a bonding and learning experience for both.
  • Cherry Blossom II (Ages 3 to 5): Cherry Blossom II is designed for children aged 3 to 5. At this level, children continue to explore music, learning to create and express themselves through singing, rhythm, and movement.
  • Cherry Blossom III (Ages 5 to 7): For children aged 5 to 7, Cherry Blossom III takes their musical journey a step further. They continue to develop their musical skills through structured activities and exploration, laying the foundation for more advanced music education.

Orff Levels and Instruments
Beyond the age of 3, our Orff classes are divided based on both age and skill level:

  • Orff Level 1 Beginner: This level is designed for children who are new to Orff and provides a solid introduction to the instruments, rhythms, and melodies used in Orff music education. Orff instruments, including xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels, are used to teach children about melody, harmony, and rhythm.
  • Orff Continue: For children who have progressed beyond the beginner level, Orff Continue offers a deeper exploration of music theory, rhythm, and ensemble performance using a wider range of Orff instruments. This level encourages creativity and collaboration.
  • Orff Advance: In Orff Advance, students further refine their musical abilities. At this level, we introduce the piano and recorder to enhance their musical repertoire and skills.

Kodály and Solfège

In our Kodály classes, we incorporate the Kodály method, which focuses on developing a strong sense of pitch and rhythm through solfège. Solfège is a system that assigns syllables to musical notes, aiding students in recognizing and singing pitches accurately.

Our experienced instructors use the Orff and Kodály methods to engage students in a creative and immersive musical experience. These methods emphasize active music-making, including singing, dancing, and playing instruments, to develop a deep understanding and love for music.

Join our Cherry Blossom I to III Orff and Kodály classes to provide your child with a solid musical foundation, create wonderful family bonding moments, and instill a deep appreciation for music. Contact us today to enroll your child in classes that will spark their musical creativity and nurture their rhythm.

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