Collection: Violin and Viola Lessons

There is nothing like the unique sound of a string instrument. With just one stroke, they can convey beauty or anger.
Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is proud to offer string lessons for students of all ages and levels.

Based on yearly demand, we also offer orchestra programs for string students interested in collaborating with one another.
Contact today if you are intersted in working with other violinists and violists.

The instructors at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. use the Suzuki method to teach our budding violinists and violists, as they not only provide great instruction, but also complement the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus.

Beginning violin and viola lessons emphasize basic techniques such as posture, bow hold and string identification. Intermediate lessons focus on tuning, basic shifting, and musicality. Finally, advanced lessons explore complex shifting, bowing techniques and challenging pieces by composers such as Bach, Vivaldi and Rachmaninoff.

Our violin and viola instructors also explore concepts such as versatility, sight-reading, ear training, music theory and music history in aim of helping them become well-rounded musicians.

The Suzuki method's five "conditions for developing a great ability:"
  • Begin as early as possible
  • Create the best possible environment
  • Use the finest teaching method
  • Provide a great deal of training
  • Use the finest teachers
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