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Drum and Hand Percussion Classes

Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is your gateway to the thrilling world of rhythm and percussion. Our drum and hand percussion classes are designed to engage students of all ages and skill levels, allowing them to explore the captivating realms of beats and melodies.

Diverse Skill Levels

Our drum and hand percussion classes are open to all, from those taking their first steps into the world of rhythm to advanced players looking to refine their skills. We offer a welcoming and enriching learning environment for everyone:

  • Beginner Classes: Ideal for those new to drumming and hand percussion, our beginner classes introduce students to the fundamentals of rhythm, basic drumming techniques, and the joy of creating beats.
  • Intermediate Classes: For students who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore more complex rhythms and percussion techniques.
  • Advanced Classes: Tailored for experienced drummers and percussionists who want to tackle intricate rhythms, advanced techniques, and the exploration of various percussion styles.

Diverse Percussion Instruments

Our drum and hand percussion classes encompass a wide range of instruments, including:

  • Drum Kit: Learn the art of drumming on a full drum kit, exploring various genres from rock to jazz to Latin rhythms.
  • Bongos: Discover the unique and expressive world of bongo drumming, which adds a rhythmic dimension to various styles of music.
  • Cajón: Explore the versatile and melodic possibilities of the cajón, a box drum used in a variety of musical traditions.

Teaching Methods

Our experienced instructors employ a variety of teaching methods, combining traditional and contemporary approaches to provide a well-rounded and engaging learning experience. We focus on nurturing your skills, guiding you towards becoming a proficient percussionist, and encouraging your creative exploration.

Recommended Age

Our drum and hand percussion classes are open to students of all ages, making them accessible to aspiring musicians and enthusiasts of any generation. Whether you're a child exploring the joy of rhythm or an adult discovering your love for percussion, we have programs tailored to your unique needs.

Join our drum and hand percussion classes to embrace the world of rhythm, create captivating beats, and discover the excitement of playing percussion instruments. Contact us today to embark on a rhythmic journey filled with energy, creativity, and musical expression.

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