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Fretted Instruments
(Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele) 
At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., we offer education in all fretted instruments. Whether you’re interested in playing a solo in your garage band or working
through the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum, our guitar teachers have the performing and teaching experience necessary
coach all genres, levels and age groups.

Guitar & Bass

The guitar and bass are known for their versatility, and convenience. Whether you want to learn a tune to play for your family the next time you camping or that Pink Floyd solo that your dad has been begging you to figure out for ages, our teachers have the experience and education necessary to help you achieve your goals as a guitarist. Beginners will learn the basics of the guitar and work on moving from fret to fret, whilst advanced players develop their technique, soloing ability and fingerpicking exercises. 


The ukulele is an extremely enjoyable instrument. Not only is it a wonderful alternative to the guitar for toddlers, but it has also become increasingly popular for teens and adults. Beginners learn the basics of the ukulele and some simple tunes, whilst more advanced players work on fingerpicking techniques and scales. Skip the YouTube tutorials -- sign up for one-on-one instruction or join one of our group ukulele classes today!

Mandolin & Banjo

The mandolin and the banjo are fretted instruments that may not be as common as the guitar, bass and ukulele, but they produce some beautiful music. At Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., we are proud to work with instructors who are able to coach you in these instruments! Musicians who take up the mandolin or the banjo will learn how to play basic chords and tunes before moving on to fingerpicking and other complex techniques.


Fretted instruments are wonderful for collaboration. Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd. is pleased to offer lessons in which fretted instrument players can either form groups with one another and/or with drummers, vocalists and pianists to form exciting bands. Contact today for more information!

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