Tobias Soley

Born and raised in Brasil , Tobias Soley , inspired by his mom's musical aspirations ,started playing guitar at age 12 and quickly joined several local rock and funk bands until he decided to go to Vancouver to widen his musical knowledge . In Vancouver he studied Jazz Guitar at Vancouver Community College where he got his diploma from. Fun fact ,at VCC he started studying Clarinet and Saxophone thanks to his teachers at the college who pushed him to get into the world of winds after noticing he had a facility for wind instruments. After graduating from VCC ,Tobias has worked and still works as a performer and a teacher of all kinds. He has performed all kinds of music in all kinds of places,from Latin music to North Indians music,in music festivals, hotels,bars, theatres, and circuses. Tobias has a rich varied experience with music in general not only playing but teaching,he has taught 5 year olds all the way to 70 year olds. Tobias hopes he can keeps doing that for as long as possible.

He is currently teaching clarinet, guitar, flute, and trumpet at Ava Music School. He is only able to teach online. If you wish to take lesson with Tobias please call us at your earliest convenience 604-990-3541 or email us