Heather Deris

Ms. Heather Deris began her education in the arts under the instruction of Mr. Deghan, a well-known artist, at a very young age. The first instrument she explored was her voice, but she quickly developed an interest in the traditional Persian instrument known as the santur (dulcimer).

Heather graduated with a Bachelor's in Music from the Tehran University of Art. During her studies, she discovered an immense passion for teaching Orff & Kodaly. Her love and passion for music coupled with her abilities to connect with young children inspired her to write a series of Orff & Kodaly-based textbooks for her students to enjoy. Today, these textbooks are the foundation of the Orff & Kodaly program taught at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.

After she moved to Canada, Heather decided to continue her education in business and accounting at Capilano University, followed by the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business. Her experience and skills in both business and music have enabled her to become one of the most successful businesswomen on the North Shore.

Heather is known for her activism in fundraising for the BC Cancer Society, Children's Variety and several other organizations across British Columbia. She is the head of both the Orff & Kodaly department and the Persian Instruments department as well as the leader of the management team at Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd., and she is proud to be a member of the North Shore community. In her twenty-five years of experience, Heather has come to realize that her proudest moments have been watching the students she taught when they were only three years old graduate from the Royal Conservatory of Music program and earn recognition for the work as musicians and as human beings.

Heather only teaches Orff class on Saturday.