Ashkan Nejati

Ashkan Nejati is a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of skills and accomplishments. He holds a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a Master's degree in theatre directing from Tehran University of Fine Arts. For the past 24 years, he has been an esteemed music instructor specialising in vocal and classical guitar, introducing numerous students to Iran's vibrant artistic community. Some of his notable students in the Iranian pop music scene include Maziar Feizi, Mehdiabadi, Mohammad Fakhimi, Nasim Aghazadeh, Raman Ostwar, Hasti Sadeghi, Farhad Rostami, Majid Kia, Hossein Shahnajrani, Mina Shuja, Andia, Alireza Mahmoudi, Dorsa Shahreshtani, Peyman Danesh, Ghazal Faramarzi, Reza Nasiri, Pasha Hoshiar, Mehdi Alami, and many more.

Among his notable compositions is the title music for the film "Cancer Period and Conditionally Released," directed by Hossein Shahabi. Additionally, he ventured into filmmaking, with his directorial debut, "Tonight's Homework," making its world premiere at the prestigious IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) in 2022. The film also garnered recognition at the Zelin Film Festival, a prominent event for children and teenagers, and secured the top prize at the Iranian Zurich Film Festival in the same year.
Ashkan Nejati's theatrical contributions have been equally significant. He has directed a variety of productions, including works by Chekhov, Moliere, Henrich Bell, and Slavomerozek. Notably, he has authored and directed four short films, including "Crazy," "Under the Feet of the Earth," "Something Like Ferasati," and "Me or You," with the latter receiving recognition at the Pasargad festival in 2016.

Ashkan Nejati's acting career spans both film and theatre, with appearances in notable films such as "There Will Be Blood on Wednesday," directed by Hamase Parsa, "Appendix," directed by Hossein Namazi, and "Cancer Period," directed by Hossein Shahabi. On the theatrical stage, he has portrayed roles in productions such as "The Death of Yazdgerd," directed by Kurosh Validi, "On the Repeating Line," directed by Mehran Nemat Elahi, "1417," directed by Kurosh Ahmadi, "Interview," directed by Reza Fahmizi, and "Railway Station," directed by Baran Zamani, among others.

Notably, he has collaborated with prominent music educators in Iran to provide specialised music education courses. His musical journey includes studying vocals with Professor Mohammad Nouri, classical guitar with Farzad Daneshmand, solfege and music theory with Morteza Delshab, harmony and counterpoint with Kambiz Roshan Ravan, piano with Rafik Avansian, drums with Arash Pajan Moghadam, electric guitar with Norik Misakian, sitar with Dariush Salari, and percussion instruments with Homayoun Nasiri. Currently, Ashkan Nejati teaches classical guitar, solfege, and pop singing at Ava Music School.

At Ava Music, Ashkan Nejati enjoys a friendly and safe teaching environment. His passion for teaching and involvement in the arts, including music, theatre, and cinema, has allowed him to work across all these domains. Within Ava Music, specifically at Plato Theater, he leads theatre classes and is actively involved in rehearsing plays with his students. The institution also provides excellent musical facilities, equipped with a wide selection of pianos and guitars, enabling him to conduct guitar and singing classes simultaneously.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Ashkan Nejati has a deep personal interest in cinema, frequently visiting theatres to indulge in his favourite pastime of watching movies. He makes it a point to watch nearly every compelling film that graces the big screen. Additionally, he enjoys playing musical instruments and singing, often gathering with friends to share and appreciate musical performances.