Ashkan Nejati

Ashkan Nejati is a first-class music instructor of Iran's music house, writer, director, actor and composer. He has a bachelor's degree in civil engineering and a master's degree in theater directing from Tehran University of Fine Arts. He has been teaching vocal and classical guitar for 24 years and has introduced many students to the artistic community of Iran. Maziar Feizi, Mehdiabadi, Mohammad Fakhimi, Nasim Aghazadeh, Raman ostwar, Hasti Sadeghi, Farhad Rostami, Majid Kia, Hossein Shahnajrani, Mina Shuja, Andia, Alireza Mahmoudi, Dorsa Shahreshtani, Peyman Danesh, Ghazal Faramarzi, Reza Nasiri, Pasha Hoshiar. Mehdi Alami etc…are all active singers in Iranian pop music who have been taught by him.

Ashkan had several accomplished film in his career as an actor and director including the film “Tonight’s Homework,” Checkhov’s Anniversary Celebration, Moliere’s Mandatory Doctor, Henrich Bell’s Something Happens etc. He also directed four short film including Crazy, Under The Feet Of The earth, Something Like Ferasati, and Me or You. Ashkan recently screened as an actor in the movie “Zip” which was directed by Ava Maria Safai and “One Must Wash Eyes” directed by Sepideh Yardage.
In his musical education, he studied with several prominent professors of Iran including Professor Mohammad Nouri, Farzad, Daneshmand, Morteza Delshab, Kambiz Roshan Ravan, Rafik Avansian, Arash Pajan Moghadam, Norik Misakian, Darjush Salari, Homayoun Nasiri.
He is currently teaching classical guitar, solfege and Persian pop singing at Ava Music School. He is currently teaching on Thursday only at Ava Music. If you wish to take lesson with Ashkan please call us at your earliest convenience 604-990-3541 or email us