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SUZUKI 8-Note Music Pads - SMP-8

Ava Music
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8-Note Suzuki music pads are used as an easy introduction to music, for play or even as an exercise tool. Tuned to one octave of C-C.

The two C notes (low and high) are red, D is yellow, E is green, F is orange, G is blue, A is purple and B is white.

How to Use: Use on a dry, flat surface and keep the music pads dry. Use soft-soled shoes or no shoes when using the music pads. The sound is made by pushing the middle of the music pad with the hands or feet (avoid striking with any object which could cause damage). Can withstand 40kg (88lbs) maximum weight.

Clean the pads with a slightly damp soft cloth. Avoid using alcohol thinner or any petro-chemical solution. Store in a climate controlled area away from any direct heat source.

Caution : do not throw them around, use sharp objects on them or put foreign objects or liquids inside the music pads as this will damage the reeds inside.

Dimensions : 11.8" (30cm) in diameter, 1.7" (4.2cm) thick.