Terms and Condition

Your lesson time has been reserved for you and the following applies: By submitting this form, you agree to Ava Music's policies:


  • Administrative fee: $45 (Plus tax) per academic year for each student
  • Summer Concert Fee: $65.00 (Plus Tax)
  • In addition to covering administrative costs and the costs of our bi-annual concerts, these fees will include coverage for free admission to all Ava Music events for students and their families as well as membership in the Ava Music Login Account.
  • Deadline for payments: Fall & Spring Semester: August 15
  • Deadline for payment: Summer Semester: May 15


  • Invoices can be paid using debit, Visa, MasterCard, cash, and/or cheques. All payment is due before the student’s classes are scheduled. You may choose either of the following payment options:
    • Cash or Cheque, Visa, MC or Debit – at the front office with no extra service fee (Pay for September to June, in full, and Receive a $25 Gift Card). Cheques may be made payable to Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.
    • Visa or Master Card Monthly Pre-authorize – at the front office with a service charge of $5 per month. A $42 charge applies to all bounced or NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) checks, in addition to any charge incurred from your banking

Scholarships: AMA offers scholarships in the form of competition prizes. For information on how to enter our competitions, see our website.
Bursaries: Bursary applications are due to the front office by July 30 of each academic year and will be subject to the evaluation of a committee. If accepted, funds will be applied to the following term.

Schedules are made upon the availability of teachers and students at the beginning of the term. Therefore, student may not change instructors during the middle of a term. Under special circumstances and with approval of the Artistic Director, change might be granted. institution. See the Missed Lessons Policy for details.


  • Anyone who enters Ava Music must wear a mask, sanitize their hands, and have their temperatures taken. Masks must be kept on and covering your mouth and nose for as long as you visit our studio. If you do not have a mask with you, please ask our front desk personnel and we will provide you with one.
  • If there is an exposure of COVID 19 at your child’s school, it is your responsibility to let Ava Music know and we will switch your classes to online for two weeks. If you do not wish to have online classes, we will need to cancel your classes for two weeks until you can resume in person lessons. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • If you are contacted by Coastal Health about being in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID 19, it is also your responsibility to inform Ava Music in order to switch your classes to online or postpone classes for two weeks.
  • Due to the pandemic, we have adjusted our policy. We will now be taking short notice for if your child is feeling unwell and we can offer either an online class or a make up later on based on your preferences.
  • Until further notice, parents are not allowed to sit in the classrooms and must pick their children up from outside the studio.


  • There are no classes on statutory holidays nor during part of the spring break and winter break. Please consult your class calendar to view this year’s schedule, as are studio holidays differ from that of private schools and public schools.
  • Invoice will be made based on Full Term basis, please see calendar for the number of lessons.
  • Class scheduling is done on a first-come first-serve basis. Payment will reserve your requested class time.
  • Class registration will not be accepted if past or current dues are overdue. This includes dues for classes, summer camps, and all other AMA services.


  • Students are expected to come prepared to each class. They must bring all music books, and their instrument (if applicable). They also must practice regularly and complete any assigned homework.
  • No gum, food, or cell phones are allowed in the classrooms.
  • Ava Music has the right to substitute a teacher at any time without notice. No refunds, transfers, credits or make-up classes will result from this.
  • If a student is coming unprepared to weekly classes and is not showing consistent progress, the teacher is responsible for notifying the parent or guardian of the student three times. If this situation does not improve by the third strike, Ava Music reserves the right to discontinue classes for this student without refund or transfer.


  • Students who choose to participate in the RCM Examination program may not skip their examination, except in special cases (i.e. emergency, school examination or other situations that abide by RCM Cancellation Policy rules).
  • No examination credits/refunds are granted to candidates who fail to appear for their scheduled examination or decide not to participate after the registration is completed, except for medical reason or in some cases for school examination with a letter supported by a letter on official school letterhead.
  • Ava Music will hire an accompanist or collaborative pianist for students taking RCM practical exams. Students are responsible for paying the pianist for all rehearsals as well as for playing during the exam. Payment should be made before each rehearsal and exam. Fees vary, depending on the pianist’s experience and the level of the repertoire.


  • Two make-up class will be granted each term to students who give Ava Music twenty-four hours notice before their class time. Save it for true emergencies. If student registers for both terms (September to January + February to June) one extra make-up class is added, therefore receiving 3 make-ups in total.
  • Students who attend all classes, regularly, will receive a point toward shopping at Ava Music Store
  • No make-up classes will be provided for classes missed due to school functions, birthday parties, weather conditions (i.e. snow day) or holiday events outside of our studio calendar holidays. Please consult your class calendar for a complete list of holidays.
  • In the case of a missed class due to an emergency (i.e. car accident, serious illness or injury etc.), Ava Music will do its best to provide a make-up class. These make-up classes are not guaranteed and are subject to teacher and classroom availability.
  • If a teacher cancels a class, Ava Music will provide a make-up. This does not count against your limit of three make-up per term, as above.
  • All make-up class scheduling must occur within 45 days of a missed lesson. It is duty of the parent or student to contact Ava Music to reschedule.
  • If a make-up lesson is missed or cancelled, no other time will be offered, even if sufficient notice is given.
  • Make-up lessons are not transferrable or cash redeemable; all Fall & Spring Term make-up lessons must occur between September and June, and all Summer Term cancellations must occur in July and August.
  • After the third cancellation of the term, all other classes the student misses or cancels will be marked as absent. No refunds, transfers, credits, or make-up classes will be granted for classes marked as absent.
  • No extra time will be added or rescheduled for students arriving late to a class.
  • Make-up classes will be arranged on District Wide Professional Days for both North and West Vancouver. Please see calendar.


  • No refunds, transfers, or credits will be granted for group and semi-private classes after the class is formed
  • No make-up classes will be granted for classes that have been missed or cancelled, unless they have been cancelled by Ava Music for reasons other than enrollment. These classes use a sequential curriculum. If a student cancels during the term, that space cannot be filled again.
  • In the event that Ava Music cancels a class for a reason other than enrollment, a semi-private or group make-up class will be provided.
  • All semi-private and group classes are confirmed within one week of the start of term. Students pay the annual, non-refundable registration fee to be added to our class waiting list. Ava Music will contact students before the class’s proposed start time. If the class has sufficient enrollment, payment for the classes will confirm enrollment.
  • Ava Music reserves the right to cancel any group classes that do not have sufficient enrollment. However, Ava Music will make every effort to find an alternative class for students affected by this situation. If no other arrangements can be made, the paid registration fee will keep the student’s name on the waiting list for such a time when the class has sufficient enrollment and can be held.


  • Cancellation Policy for New Students
    • All new students have the right to try their lesson for four classes before our return policy comes into effect.
    • New students are considered regular students at the end of their fourth session.
    • If the student does not cancel their lessons by the fourth session, at which point they are considered regular students, the policies of Section B in this category will apply.
  • Cancellation Policy for Returning Students
  • Students who register from September to June may cancel their lessons with one month’s notice.
  • Students who cancel with one month notice will be charged for the month they requested cancellation as well as the month following that; they will no longer be charged after the second month.
  • These rules apply to all methods of payment, including pre-authorized credit cards.

I hereby give my consent for photography, filming, videotaping and/or audio recording or other means of capturing my/my child image or voice and/or being quoted in the media or printed materials (including social media websites) and hereby authorize release of such to Ava Music & Art Centre Ltd.

Please click here for more detailed information on Ava Music School Policy and Pre-Authorized Card form.