Puya Firouzbakash

Puya began studying violin at the age of 6. He was taught and trained under the finest teachers and professors. Some of Puya's principal instructors include Professor Giuseppe Armaleo in Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Italy and Proessor Eduard Schmieder (a pupil of David Oistrakh) in Mozarteum Salzburg, as well as Nancy Dinovo and Jammy Mayday.  

Throughout the years, Mr. Firouzbaksh¬†has performed numerous times with some of the most prestigious orchestras and worked with the finest composers and soloists in over 65 different countries. Since 2010, he has been an active member of some of the biggest organizations, such as United in Music for Peace under the U.N, World Youth Orchestra (UNISCO musica Europa). In 2011, he performed with MusicaEuropa Orchestra under Marco Boemi and Maestro Karabechsky in Musica Riva Festival Milano and a successful Peace Project with ‚ÄúThe World Orchestra‚ÄĚ in Mexico, South Africa, Spain and Holland.
In 2013, Mr. Firouzbaksh was the principle second violin of The World Orchestra in Africa and the representative of the Orchestra to Plan cultural activities. This meeting took place at Nelson Mandela’s Office. He has also performed for many high-level national and international officials such as the Governor-General of Canada in 2005 at the Orpheum Theatre, and the Italian president in 2008 at his Quirinale Palace in Rome which broadcasted Live on RAI3 Italian TV. He was also a member of a quartet who performed for Queen of Spain in Mallorca in 2012, and part of a collaboration for a beneficial concert viewed by Slovenian President in the Symphony State Hall in Slovenia. Finally, he performed for the Albanian Ambassador for Mother Teresa’s memorial service in Vancouver, Canada.
Puya has been part of many musical theatre works, recording sessions, and TV recordings including Miss Beauty Pageant and the multi-cultural music channel. He has also worked for well-known artists such as: Micheal Buble, il Divo, Mariah Carey, Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Elton John Band and The Eagles Original Band. He also worked with Oscar winning composers such as: Ennio Morricone, Ludvic Bource, Nigel Hess, Philip Glass and Michael Nyman.
Mr. Firouzbakash has been a member of The World Orchestra, Unicef Musica Europa, Bach Academy Orchestra Stuttgart, World Youth Orchestra, Rome Festival Opera Orchestra, Kamloops Symphony, West Coast Symphony, National Academy Orchestra of Canada, Prince George Symphony, Salzburg Chamber, The Age of Enlightenment and Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. He has also been accepted into prestigious festivals, ensembles and academies such as the Aspen Music Festival, Youngartists ipalpiti California, Pilsen Academy in Czech, Wagner Festspiele in Germany, Aims festival Graz in Austria and Mozarteum Salzburg.
Puya has participated in master classes with Igor Oistrakh and Michael Frischenschlager. His experience, creativity and energy in teaching makes him a wonderful instructor and expert in a variety of different techniques. He has many advanced students who are currently preparing for competitions, auditions and exams.
Puya only teaches on Thursday