Piano Teacher at Ava Music

James Tu first started piano at the age of 5 under Ms. Hong who was a relatively well-known piano teacher in Beijing, China. After moving to Vancouver, Canada, he studied with Ms.Rebecca Kelly. After completing ARCT under Ms. Rebecca Kelly, he continued studying classical music with Dr. David Warwick. Under Dr. Warwick’s teaching, James completed both ATCL and LTCL with Distinctions and Honors. He also won multiple regional and provincial awards.
James first came into contact with jazz in grade 10 while participating at Sir Winston Churchill Jazz Band. With performing at different locations, he quickly fell in love with it and broadened his knowledge in improvisation and collaborating with jazz bands.
After being accepted into Berklee, James joined and held the role of secretary for both Berklee Chinese Students Scholars Association (Berklee CSSA) and Berklee Chinese Music Industry (Berklee CMI) and helped manage all major events that happened between 2017-2019 such as Berklee Chinese New Year Concert and Berklee X Chinese Summit.

James currently teaches on Tuesday and travels to clients home to teach on Wednesday

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