Clement Pytel

Drum Teacher at Ava Music

Clement has been enamoured with the drums for as long as he can remember, receiving his first drumset from his father when he was only four years old. Now, with his degree in Bachelor of Music (focus in Jazz Studies), Clement has performed locally in different genres such as rock, jazz, funk, hip-hop, and punk; however, he is also hugely influenced by metal, reggae, and many other styles. Some of Clement's favourite drummers include Mike Clark, Dennis Chambers, Roy Haynes, Jack Dejonette, Bill Stevenson, Matt Cameron, and Mark Guiliana.
Clement currently performs with a few different groups in some of the aforementioned styles. He gained experience in drum instruction around December of 2017 when he started teaching privately. Since then, he has worked as a substitute at various music schools across the Lower Mainland. Since joining Ava Music, Clement has put his dedication and focus into honing his student's skills and wishes the best for his students int heir music education.
Clement only teaches on Monday and Saturday