Gülnur Rizvanoglu

Gulnur was born in Istanbul, Turkey in the month of May and has been drawing and painting for over eighteen years. She graduated from The Eskisehir Anadolu University's Faculty of Fine Arts' Painting Department with her BFA. During her university education, Gulnur started working in the visual arts department in the film industry and she opened a painting workshop to provide various art classes to students of all ages and levels. In her courses, Gulnur taught charcoal, watercolor, oil paint, and acrylics, and also prepared senior high school students for their art school examinations. Gulnur also built designs for city municipal theaters as additional work for the workshop.
After completing her education, she returned to Istanbul and worked as a costume designer in the film industry in 2012. Gulnur then moved to Canada in 2018 and joined the Ava Music team in 2019. She enjoys working at Ava Music as an art teacher and and sets designer and loves helping people by talking to them about their hobbies or showing them around the store and give them a tour to her amazing art exhibition.
Gulnur speaks Turkish fluently!