Events, Registration Dates, and Class Updates, Spring and Summer Camps:

Dear Valued Clients,

We want to ensure you're well-informed about upcoming events, class registration dates, and school closures at Ava Music. Please take note of the following:

Calendar Update:

  • Spring Camp:
      • March 18th to 22nd, tailored for ages 3 to 12
      • To register, simply access the Spring Camp Registration Form (located on the left side of the page).
      • For further details, click here.
  • Year End Concert:
      • Scheduled for June 20th to 23rd
      • Registration for the year-end concert opens on March 1st.
  • Winter, Summer, and Fall Term 2024 Class Registration (new clients only use the form to register)
    • Winter Term:
      • Classes commenced on February 1st and will continue until June 19th.
    • Summer Term:
      • Classes are set to run from July 2nd to August 30th.
      • Summer camp:
        • Scheduled from July 8th to 19th.
        • Fall 2024/Winter Term 2025:
          • Classes will run from September 9th, 2024, to June 19th, 2025.
        • School closure (No Classes):
            • March 24th to April 1st
            • June 24th to July 1st
            • August 31st to September 8th
            • December 23rd, 2024, to January 1st, 2025
        Friends Referral:
          • Refer your friends and family members to Ava Music and receive one free lesson per referral.

          Should you have any concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Ava Music. We sincerely appreciate your trust and continued support.

          Warm regards,

          The Ava Music Team