Tia Harris

Junior Guitar Teacher at Ava Music
Tia is a junior guitar teacher here at Ava Music. She is currently an honour roll student in her senior years at Argyle Secondary School. Tia’s love for the guitar began at the age of eight when she first started taking lessons with Mario (the department lead) at Ava Music. She plays classic, acoustic and electrical guitar. Tia first started as an Orff assistant at Ava Music where she learned how to teach the basics of music to young children. After one year with Orff, she became a guitar teacher as well. Tia has been teaching since the summer of 2020. Not only does Tia teach the basics of guitar, but she also loves to get to know each of her students beyond their shared passion for the instrument. By teaching the guitar in a fun, productive and positive way, beginner guitarists are able to find their own love for music just like Tia has.